NOVA Brewfest

On Sunday, a few friends and I headed out to the Northern Virginia Brewfest at Bull Run Regional Park. This was our first weekend of real, quintessential fall weather, so I got to break out a hat for the occasion. Monumental. But honestly, I’ve been excited to start layering again. I think we can all agree that fall outfits are way more fun to put together… You just keep piling on stuff until it works.


Hat: Anthropologie, Scarf: Moschino, Top: Riller & Fount (ideeli), Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jeans: Rachel by Rachel Roy, Boots: Indigo by Clarks, Bag: Charles Jourdan (ideeli), Jacket: Blank NYC.

The Brewfest was great. There were over 40 breweries there, many of them local. I’m not a beer connoisseur, and I’ll really drink anything that isn’t overwhelmingly hoppy. I do appreciate a good lager, though, and there were many. But let’s be real, what I was truly ecstatic about was the array of hotdog-based food items. I had a corn dog AND a pretzel dog. And cheese fries. And obviously, a whole lot of beer.


It’s amazing how easy it is to pass the time just walking around and drinking. There were a few different stands selling handmade soaps and jewelry, as well as live music, corn hole, and moon bounces (unfortunately only for children). It was a pretty lively crowd, too. I’m almost positive we tried every beer by the end of the day. It all kind of starts to blend together, though…


Sparring sisters.





Excited about porta-potties.


Brian, Nicole, Christine, Dan and me.

My longtime friends Christine and Dan love beer, and brew their own at home. They’re basically poster-children for the Pinterest lifestyle; that couple that plans their meals for the week and does DIY projects. I love them dearly and would love to be like them, but I am too lazy. They’re both environmental engineers at a paving company, and somehow they have found a way to make Eddie Bauer look trendy. No small feat.


Christine’s top: Eddie Bauer. Dress: H&M.


Dan’s whole outfit is from Eddie Bauer, except the backpack, which is from Barnes & Noble (?!)


One of Christine’s many watches. Urban Outfitters.

By the end of the day (around 6pm) we were all ready to go home. Of course, Christine and Dan had chili waiting for us at home in the slow-cooker.



Nicole’s boots: Aldo.

I can’t wait to go back next year. The NOVA Brewfest happens twice a year; once in the summer, and once in the fall. You’re going to have to wait a bit for the next one, but I highly recommend it.


5 thoughts on “NOVA Brewfest

  1. Christine V. says:

    This day was magical.

    I’ve found that as a woman in construction, it has been more than difficult to be even remotely fashionable and still wear practical clothing for construction. I mean…I’ve tried imitating what the boys wear (the whole khakis a polo thing) and have gotten asphalt stains on every pair of khakis I own (did I mention I work AT an asphalt plant?). I’ve struggles with how to make steel toe boots work with my outfit or how to incorporate a hard hat and safety vest into my look. I’m still working on being somewhat fashionable at work but so far I’ve gotten the best stuff for work (that I’m not too ashamed to wear to a happy hour after work) at Eddie Bauer. Dan’s just cute and goes shopping with me and finds great stuff on their sale rack. That boy looks good in anything!

    Until next brewfest!

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