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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

So while I’m (still) on the subject of vanity, I thought I’d share one of my absolute favorite products with you. It’s a multi-use miracle serum, and I can’t stress enough how sweet it is.

So let’s fast forward to the details on this stuff. It’s basically a blend of pure botanical oils including Evening Primrose, Lavender, Rosemary leaf, Sunflower seed, and Coriander seed (to name a few that I can pronounce). As the name would suggest, Midnight Recovery Concentrate should be applied in the evening before bed. It works in concert with “the skin’s natural nocturnal activity” to restore your complexion to its original splendor (after having been subjected to all the stressors of this cruel world during the day). I don’t know exactly what kind of “nocturnal activity” my skin is usually up to, but I feel confident now that it’s being kept in check.

What are the benefits? Midnight Recovery Concentrate is marketed as an anti-aging product, as it helps smooth fine lines. Within the past six months that I’ve been using it, though, I’ve seen huge improvements in the overall texture and clarity of my skin. It might seem counterintuitive to slather oil on your face if your skin is already oily or acne-prone, but I’ve actually used it to treat and prevent breakouts. It helps heal blemishes faster, and fades the dark spots and scarring that I already have. I know this seems too good to be true… But real talk. I won’t lie to you.

MRC (as I’ve so affectionately deemed it since I got sick of typing) has been especially effective during these miserable winter months at preventing the dryness that I attribute to the damn windburn and central heating. You can really use it anywhere on your body; my friend Rachel moisturizes dry areas like elbows and knees with it, and I’ve actually used it on the ends of my hair as well. Is your face chafed from rubbing against [some dude]’s beard stubble? This is your antidote. Do you need a potion that will allow you to breathe underwater for an hour like Harry Potter in book 5? Done. It’s kind of like Sriracha– you can put it on anything and everything, and it will make it instantly fabulous.

One disclaimer: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate will make you smell like a Wiccan or a hippie, both of which can be total man repellers. But whatever. You have other charms. Use them.


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