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Men’s Office Style: Volume Two

Finding styles that flatter your body-type is a tough but necessary task. It’s taken me years to understand that as much as I like certain things, like high-waisted pants, they’ll never look right on someone of my height and build. On the other hand, there are many looks that I can pull off because of my size. It’s taken me years to build up a repertoire of cuts and styles that I know work for me, and I admire Pupon for the fact that he’s done that so well for himself. Here’s another look that I loved this week.



Jacket: H&M, Shirt and Pants: Express, Shoes: Cole Haan “Lunargrand”


How would you characterize your style?
Mix and match anything that fits. Being a graphic designer, I usually try to find balance between colors and shapes.

What are you influenced by when choosing clothes? Is there anyone whose style you admire and try to replicate?
I choose clothes mostly from brands that make slim, fitted cuts for a smaller stature.

What’s your fashion philosophy? Do you prefer classic or trendy pieces, or a mixture of both?
I like to mix it up. Fashion is art. Express yourself and rock it like you own it.

Do you have any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to fashion?
No, not really. I think some people can be insecure about what they put together and it shows when they go out. Be secure and set the trend.

What are the rules that you follow to make sure that what you’re wearing is office appropriate, yet not stuffy or super corporate?
Keep it classy, but bend the rules when you feel like it.

Name a fashion trend that you hate.
Jorts. Enough said.


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