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Men’s Office Style: Volume Three

Today I thought it might be fun to feature a look on the more conservative end of the spectrum. Tyler’s style is pretty classic and well-tailored. Fit and quality are two of the few variables men have to play with when it comes to fashion. Like, they can literally only wear shirts, pants, jackets, shorts and blazers, so they should probably make sure they’re flattering. Women’s trends are more fluid and diverse, and it’s easier to supplement a wardrobe with statement pieces. But I digress; we all know girls get more cool stuff. Anyway, here are some style tips from Tyler.



Loafers: Ferragamo, Slacks: Ralph Lauren, Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Shirt: Ledbury, Belt: Trafalgar.


How would you characterize your style?
I’d say somewhere between Atlantic Coast Southern Preppy and London/New York traditional–both heavily influenced by growing up in the South and living in NYC and working in London. That generally means I prefer a more tailored look for sure, from suits to jeans.

What are you influenced by when choosing clothes? Is there anyone whose style you admire and try to replicate?
Certainly by travel and life situations. I moved to New York at 18 for college and worked there afterwards for nearly half a decade before moving back to Virginia. I worked for a London-based firm as well, so their more tailored style certainly impacted my personal style.

What’s your fashion philosophy? Do you prefer classic or trendy pieces, or a mixture of both?
I believe in a mix– a growth over time, if you will. I’d never wear a tailored suit at age 18, but I would in my late 20s for example. There is a time and place for a lot of different styles. There are some trends that will stay around and become iconic, others that won’t. Its deciding which of those new styles fits your mood/personality and have staying power.

Do you have any hard-and-fast rules when it comes to fashion? 
Never wear a black suit. I don’t own one– even my tux is midnight blue with black lapels. That is certainly the preppy/classic style preference acting up, but its one I’ve always lived by. Dark navy can do anything black can on a guy. I also don’t do shiny shoes (a little too intense for me). I also prefer loafers to lace-up shoes for day-to-day work.

What are the rules that you follow to make sure that what you’re wearing is office appropriate, yet not stuffy or super corporate?
Honestly, I don’t follow many rules.  I have worn flip-flops one day with jeans and a British tailored suit the next day, its one of the many beauties of our office. That being said, never a pair of shorts unless the AC is broken in the middle of August or you’re in on the weekend. Have to draw a line somewhere.

Name a fashion trend that you hate.
Really skinny jeans on guys that are out of shape. I don’t need to see all of that.


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