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Say Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself with awesome nail charms.

Oh, hey! How’s your Valentine’s Day going? Are you sick with a bacterial infection, alternately sweating and shivering under four layers of blankets? Are you out with your beau right now drinking a nice Merlot or at home with a tall, refreshing glass of Emergen-C? (I wonder if Emergen-C mixes well with vodka. Will report back.) Do your eyeballs burn so badly that you’ve had to turn your Kindle’s brightness setting down to the lowest level to read that escape from the FLDS cult memoir you’ve been meaning to finish?

That’s been my evening thus far. But you know what, I’m far from bitter. I spent a lovely day working from home, then took a nice little jaunt to CVS for some more cold medicine, and now I’m settling in to watch the highly anticipated second season of House of Cards. Not all bad. And the cherry on top? Doing my nails, of course!

Ok, I love the look of nail art as much as the next girl, so it might surprise you to learn that I also find it to be a pain in the ass. While I routinely gawk at the Pinterest tutorials on how to turn your nails into tiny Mondrian paintings, I do so more as an observer than someone who actually cares to learn. I’ll leave the works of art to the masters.

There’s a recent development that has managed to sway me, though, and that’s nail jewelry. Yeah. HEX’s nail charms are gold-plated and reusable, and come in a variety of designs ranging from words to symbols and animals. They range from $.75 to $1.75 each, depending on style. Application is simple: just stick them on your nails after applying your topcoat and let dry! You can also use nail glue after drying (which is great if you usually go the gel-manicure route). To remove, simply pop them off and clean them up, and they’re ready to go again.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

China Glaze in “Seduce Me.” Appropriate.

Who needs a Valentine when you can have a gold-plated serpent stuck to your finger? Psh, not this girl. Nope.


4 thoughts on “Say Happy Valentine’s Day to yourself with awesome nail charms.

  1. Sue Schmidt says:

    Valentine’s Day, like New Year’s, puts crazy pressure on romance. They are overrated and artificial, lacking in the meaning of Thanksgiving or even St. Patrick’s Day. That one’s coming up–green and gold?

  2. Awe, I’m sorry you are so sick buuut, I love your nail art!!!!! This is the perfect excuse to celebrate Valentine’s when you are feeling better. The 14th is just an arbitrary date after all!

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