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Style Spotlight: Erica

In honor of my lovely friend Erica’s 26th birthday, I’ve decided to feature her signature style on today’s blog!

Erica is one of those lucky people who was just born incredibly, infectiously likable. I don’t know what that feels like, but I imagine it is an awesome gift to have. She was also blessed with great taste, and has been gracious enough to answer a few questions about it.


You always look polished and classy, but I think you have a wild side, too. What are your favorite brands/places to shop for work? How about for fun going out clothes? 

I definitely work hard and play hard, and I like to dress accordingly. For work I need to be comfortable, but I also (try to) look put together. I like to go to J. Crew, Nordstrom, etc. for work clothes. Loehmann’s was a favorite, but we all know how that ended (RIP). For going out, I love getting dressed up. Parker is so fun, South Moon Under always has great finds, Cusp has beautiful clothes, and… I could scroll through Revolve all day.


Top: Staring at the Stars (Urban Outfitters), Blazer: Yank.

Who’s your style icon? 

To be perfectly honest, when I’m looking for fashion inspiration, I turn to my friends. A lot of my closest friends live in NYC and work in fashion and they all have great style so I pull from them. As far as icons go, though, I love Jackie O. and Grace Kelly.


Necklace: J. Crew.

What is your number one fashion must-have? 

I love accessories; I really think they can dress up any outfit. Fun earrings or an interesting ring, a big necklace– accent pieces that can make an outfit more interesting and unique.


Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelet: Kenneth Jay Lane.

What’s been your biggest fashion faux pas? 

Woof. This is tough– basically any thing from high school… Mostly crop tops, though. If I could impart any sort of fashion wisdom on high school girls right now, it would be to stay away from crop tops. Even if Miley is doing it.


Erica & Co. circa early 2000s.

What’s one rule you always stick to? 

I can’t say I’ve always stuck to it in the past (ahem, remember my high school faux pas?), but I do try to go by this rule. Pick one: really short, really tight, really low cut, really animal print, really sheer… I think these looks can all work on their own, just don’t overdo it!


Jeans: Rachel Roy, Boots: Frye.

Fabulous tips from a fabulous girl. Love you, Erica, and Happy Birthday!


My Erica caricature, complete with red wine/straw combo (so your lips don’t get stained)!


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